Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions


When are you open and how much does it cost?

To ride in our park for an entire day is $25.00 for a vehicle and driver Saturday and Sunday. There is a one time $5.00 registration/membership form which would make the first time $30.00. Riders, visitors and guests pay $5.00 for the day. Children under 12 are free, however infants to ride are not recommended.


Friday afternoon 3:00pm to dusk Saturday 10:00am to dusk Sunday 11:00am to dusk
Most Monday Holidays

$15.00 $25.00 $25.00 $25.00

We will open other weekdays with advance reservation and deposit call: 864 449 5698

Weekend Pass: $50.00  Includes entry fee for vehicle, driver and passengers from Friday afternoon at 3:00pm to Sunday evening at 6:00pm Monday Holiday weekend extra $20.00*

*Park closure due to inclement weather will  not  constitute a refund in full or part. Closing the park during a weekend is solely at the discretion of park management.
(All passengers must check in at the same time as the vehicle or they will be subject to an additional fee and must have adequate seatbelts available in the trail rig.)

What is Gulches 5 for 6 program?

With your competed membership we keep track of how often you come in the park. After your 5th paid time, the 6th time is free. (Just a way to get back the membership fee.)

How big is the park?

Unlike Tellico and some of the large state run ORV Parks Gulches is privately owned and operated. It is a small park  of just under 80 acres. However don’t let  its size fool you it has everything you might be looking for from mud to sand to hill-climbs, off camber switch backs and rock gardens. It has been called the  Disneyland for 4x4’s.

Are the trails all for advanced rigs and skill level?

No. The Park is set up like a ski resort with all “runs”  clearly marked with a degree of difficulty. We have easy, intermediate, advanced, double advanced and triple advanced runs. All easy and intermediates get you to all the advanced  runs to watch the “big rigs”.

Is alcohol allowed?


Can I bring my pets?

On a leash and attended at all times, yes.

How old must I be?

You must be 18 or older or have a parent or legal guardian there to sign a wavier for you. No Parent then no entrance. You can, however, pick up a copy of the paperwork and have your parent or guardian sign it in front of a notary and we will keep it on file for you so you only have to do it once.


What kind of vehicles can ride on the park?

We allow any 4x4, ATV, or trail bike.(No 3 wheelers) Please realize damage can occur on any or all of our trails. Show pieces may get scratched.

What are the rules?

All must be good stewards of the hobby. Watch-out for your fellow off-roader and assist when applicable.
No littering and pack out what you pack in.
ATV and Motorcycles must wear helmets and goggles.

Stay on the trails and obey all signs on the trails.
Drive slow on 2 way trails
Must exit at designated time.
Tree savers  must be used when you use one of our trees to winch.

Is there camping available?

Yes, rather primitive at this time. Camping must be reserved in advance.  Phone reservations only. 864 449 5698  We need full name  –  length - of stay - time of arrival  –  Contact phone number and number in your party


Camping whether it is a riverside campsite or parking lot in your rig or RV the price is $10.00 per tent or rig /RV per night.  There is a $20.00 deposit which is returned upon sight inspection.

There is a hot shower and full bathroom facilities a kitchen area with micro, coffee maker and double sink. This area is available 24 hrs in the back of the office. We have no dump site for dark or gray water. Riverside primitive camp sites are a 3 minute ride from the office.  You need 4 wheel drive to reach these campsites

What are the trail signs?


  • Red Square -- Easy trail
  • Blue Square -- Intermediate trail
  • Black Square -- Advanced trail
  • Double Black Squares -- More difficult advanced trail Orange Square -- Caution
  • Triple Black Squares -- Most difficult advanced trail White Square  –  P Parking or Picnic
  • White Square  –  Wrong Way  W
  • White Square  - - One Way  W
  • White Square  –  Two way traffic  W

Is there parking for trailers?

Yes we have a large secure parking area for even the largest of trailers.

What equipment do we have?

We have a compressor to air up tires and run air tools, we have misc. tools and a welder available to borrow. (Sign out small fee and deposit required)

What if I get stuck?

We have straps and a winch. We charge $20.00 minimum and up to get you out with our equipment. If we call someone else it may cost you over $200.00.