Okay put the milk in the frig and the bread in the freezer and let’s enjoy what looks like a great weather weekend riding. With a high of 88 and lower humidity and maybe a breeze from Irene we should be in near perfect shape. All trails will be open all size 4×4 ’s should do fine.

We have a few coming up from Augusta with a new motor in a buggy. Looking forward to seeing everyone in this fall like weather.

Last Saturday we got a good bit of rain which knocked the dust down.  Now after a week of very dry weather we should be in very good shape for the weekend.  We have a couple of campers coming  in. And of course this is our last scheduled night ride.  Come in early stay late or come in late and stay late.

Well I guess the good news is it is not supposed to be in the 90’s at all this weekend. 87 degrees almost frosty. 

Park is dry right now all trails open. They are calling for rain on Saturday late afternoon. But we are in that pattern where unless the whole upstate is socked in we don’t get the rain, maybe a drizzle. Which is all we have gotten for a couple weeks.

We have several campsites taken and one large group coming in from the NC4×4 Forum. We also have several first timers coming in so any rangers that can make it I will need the help.