Looks like a little rain on Friday but clearing up for Saturday and Sunday.  Park is in very good shape now so depending on how much rain on Friday, if any, will determine conditions for Saturday. Street tires and stock 4×4’s with all terrains should call Saturday for conditions. (864 449 5698) It may be a little too slick for those. Bottom line we will be open and the park should tack up and be in good shape as the day goes on, on Saturday, Sunday should be perfect. We have campers coming in this weekend and hopefully we will have a good crowd.
Reminder this is the last weekend we will be open until new years weekend. We will be open Monday the 26th after Christmas Day at 11:00am till dark. (Weather permitting)
Guys up north we are dry and in very good shape. We did not get any rain today, Friday and we are in very good shape for this weekend. All 4×4’s of every kind will do well.  We have campers coming in this weekend and hopefully we will have a good crowd.
Reminder this is the last weekend we will be open until new years weekend. We will be open Monday the 26th after Christmas Day at 11:00am till dark. (Weather permitting)

Once again we have dry windy weather for Thursday and Friday to dry out the park for Saturday and Sunday. The park could possibly see several variations of trail conditions at this time of year. With the freezing temps at night (which pulls moisture up out of the ground) early morning conditions will be rock hard frozen surfaces yielding quickly to slippery conditions. As the day progresses the moisture on the trails will tack up and become very solid by the afternoon. Bottom line we will be open this weekend regular hours. Come on out if you are driving a Toyota 4×4 of any kind you get in this Saturday for $10.00. As always if you are concerned about the trails for your particular rig call. 854 449 5698

Looks like the weather will be on our side again this weekend. We were at the park today and even with all the rain the park was in very good shape. Now with the wind and several days to dry out we should be able to have all trails open and in good shape for every 4×4. As always if in doubt about conditions for your rig call 864 449 5698. Last year we were only open 3 days as it rained every weekend through the month of December.

We all got rain on Tuesday night but we are drying out today and should continue drying on Thanksgiving Day (we are closed on Thanksgiving). Friday and Saturday will be your best days weather wise (cool and sunny all day) as they are calling for a possible shower on Sunday. Friday we will open at 11:00am till dark and Saturday and Sunday the regular times. So after being with the huddles masses outside Best Buy or Target trying to get a big screen tv for a dollar, how about coming out to the wide open spaces and enjoying nature. The trails should be in very good shape. We have been very fortunate so far this fall and rain has come during the week allowing the park to be in very good condition. How long will this great weather last…. We’ve had great groups every weekend and we expect the same this weekend.

We got rain as everyone in the upstate did. However I believe the park did not get as much as other areas. What ever though, with the winds today and tomorrow we should start to dry out pretty good. We will still be slick on some trails. Sunday should be even drier than Saturday. Stock rigs on street tires may have some traction problems that on drier days they did not.

Once again we should have wonderful weather for the weekend. Just a slight chance of rain tonite or Thursday morning. But dry and sunny on Saturday and Sunday. This is the first year weather has held out this far into the month of November so if you are planning a trip here this is the conditions we all wait for. Soon if we get more rain the entire park will be very slick if not sloppy. But right now all 4×4s should do well.

Looks like cold fall weather for this weekend, it should be bright and sunny though. They are calling for some rain ahead of the cold front moving in from the north, but if as normal it should stay north of 85 and not affect the park. (I will update later if we get any rain that will change conditions.) We are getting a heavy dew which is making the easy trails a little slick especially early. Street tires will need to be careful. 

This is the weather we have been waiting for. It was real tough riding in 100 degree heat. Plus the park is at it’s most beautiful with the leaves changing color.

Florida. I have two rigs coming up from Florida to enjoy the cool weather and park. They are camping from Friday through the weekend.

Hope to see you there.

We needed the rain to wash down the dust from the last few weeks. Friday the sun is coming out, humidity is supposed to lower and a great weekend weather wise should be on hand. Admission is free Saturday and Sunday if you register with one of the 3 participating 4Wheel Parts stores. Friday and camping is the normal Gulches pricing. Lunch will be provided by 4Wheel Parts free on Saturday only. You will be on your own for food on Sunday or purchase from our kitchen. 

Once again all of our campsites are full and we will not allow any parking lot camping as our facilities for campers are very limited.

Looks like this is going to be the last dry weekend for a while as they are calling for rain all next week.  Temps should be perfect for off roading with cool mornings and warm but not hot afternoons. If you are looking to run our trails (all open and dry and therefore easier to run) this is your weekend.  We have a couple groups coming in and one camping.

The start of October looks wonderful. This can be hit or miss weather this time of year like last weekend where mother nature almost drowned our buggy drivers. If it hadn’t been for a banner to hide under it might have been a different story.

But his weekend mid 70’s and almost no humidity. Once again this is the weather we are waiting for all summer long. All trails should be open, all 4×4’s should do well from stock to wild.

PS I will need a couple of rangers for this weekend to help Dean and Joseph.