4x4 Trail System

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4x4 Trail System

We now have over 40 directional trails at Gulches Off Road Vehicle Park with only 5 two way trails. Therefore if you are going up a hill climb you can be assured no one will be coming down at you. Gulches has a trail system based on what many ski resorts have used to describe their degree of difficulty.  Our trails are rated as follows:

  • Red is easy
  • Blue is intermediate
  • Single Black is difficult
  • Double Black is more difficult
  • Triple Black is most difficult
  • Orange and Black is our Skull and Cross Bones trails

All difficult trails are linked by easy or intermediate trail.  If one does not want to travel an advanced trail they have the option to watch others or by pass around.

Red Trails (Easy)  

  • Trail 1 1 - Two Way:  Easy trail.  2 way traffic down hill to other trails. Very greasy when wet.  5 MPH
  • Trail A!A A1A - One Way:  One way trail with access to future trails. Can be difficult when wet.
  • Trail 2 2 - Two Way:  Easy twisty trail.  2 way traffic leads to other trails. Difficult when wet.  Mud holes: look for bypass
  • Trail 2A 2A - Two Way:  Easy twisty trail.  2 way traffic leads to other trails. Difficult when wet.  Mud holes: look for bypass
  • Trail 5 5 - Easy Hill Climb:  Easy hill climb, some rough terrain; a Blue run in wet weather. Some time up sometime down
  • Trail 66 - TNT: 

    This is the Tricks-n-Traction 4x4 Club Trail. They built this to be an easy hill climb like Trail 5 with a nasty little rock garden we call trail 7.

  • Trail 101 10 - Two Way:  Easy little run back off B&B hill to Trail 12 which is 2 way traffic back to Trail 1.
  • Trail 1212 - The Toilet: 

    Easy 2 way called the toilet trail.  Now has Suspension Junction [an articulation trail],    Concrete Pipe garden to see how well you twist your frame and North Carolina Jeepsters’   Monster Tires. And usually mud to play in.

  • Suspension Junction Suspension Junction
  • Trail 13 13 - Two Way:  Easy 2 way.  Up hill traffic gets right of way.   This can be greasy when wet.
  • Trail 14 14 - Two Way:  Easy 2 way down to other trails Yield to up hill traffic.
  • Trail 1919 - The Water Cooler: 

    This is an easy little set of sand trails when the water hole in each is low. However after heavy rain it could have 30 or 40 inches of water in the holes. Bad things can happen,  Bad Things! Between these two trails is an 8 Foot deep water hole Stay out! The Water Cooler has eaten several u-joints, axles and buried more than one truck to the headers in dry sand or deep water.

  • Trail 2020 - The Water Cooler: 

    This is an easy little set of sand trails when the water hole in each is low. However after heavy rain it could have 30 or 40 inches of water in the holes. Bad things can happen,  Bad Things! Between these two trails is an 8 Foot deep water hole Stay out! The Water Cooler has eaten several u-joints, axles and buried more than one truck to the headers in dry sand or deep water.

Blue Trails (Intermediate)

  • Trail 5A 5A - Twister:  Lot’s of twists and bumps and grinds for a blue trail. The tougher of the blues.
  • Trail 8 8 - B & B Hill:  An easy steep hill climb discovered by two of Gulches’ avid explorers: known as the Brian and Brian Expedition.
  • Trail 9A 9A - Twister's Sister:  an easy  blue trail to the top where 9 comes out.
  • Trail 15 15 - Oak's Detour:  Created by Oak McCurdy, it is easy-intermediate, scary off camber, with  one tough small gully at the end. 15 is also home to a III Black trail, Baby Gulch.
  • Trail 16 16 - The Clemson Trail: The Clemson 4x4 club finished this trail for us.  Good off camber switchback trail, real pretty.  Can be easy can be difficult. If you’re not careful, you’ll get detention!
  • Trail 17 17 - Palmetto Krawler:  Wet, it’s at least a II Black or closed to traffic.  Some serious off-camber. Good viewing of trail 18 which is the Palmetto Spill Your Guts Crossing
  • Trail 21 21 -  Little trail back to trail 21A.  Don’t let it fool you, it can be greasy as lard.
  • Trail 25 25 - Lone Rock:  this is a short very narrow trail for small vehicles with 34” tires or less. 
  • Trail 29 29 - Boom Shaka Laka!  The old school SevenSlat4x4.com guys put he name on this one- has some black by-passes
  • Trail 30 30 - Follow Papa:  This trail follows trail 31 Papa Gulch. – not the easiest blue

Single Black Trails (Difficult)

  • Trail 56 56 - J-Gee's Hill: the Gee’s part is cause as you are going up someone could be right around the corner going down.  Geeees !! Our only two way narrow hill climb. Go up one side and down the other. This may get tougher as time and traffic goes on.
  • Trail 11A 11A - Lil' Devil:  A very difficult black downhill. Do it wrong and you’ll have the devil to pay
  • Trail 28 28 - Bad Mamma Jamma:  This is a hill climb when dry is easy when wet is tuff. Goes to a III Black 

Double Black Trails (More Difficult)

  • Trail 3 3 - Hill Climb:  Difficult hill climb - Rear lockers and winch recommended.
  • Trail 23 23 - Renegade Alley:  Another trail by the Renegade 4x4 Club. Better known as Rebel Blvd. This is the longest trail in the park and it is not one of our “short little, well that was fun, now where should we go” trails.  Renegade Alley has exciting terrain around every corner.  [My personal favorite.]  31” mudders, a winch and at least one locker and a good bit of skill is all you need . At the end do skirts first then walk studs to find the line for next time.

Triple Black Trails (Most Difficult)

  • Trail 3E 3E - Skinny Pedal Ridge:  Just as nasty as the ones on each side, named for our departed friend Alex Ragsdale
  • Trail 7 7 - TNT Rock Garden:  TnT’s side rock garden trail off  trail 6. If you don’t have traction this one will trick you. This garden seems to have a mind of its own. Sometimes it lets you in and out easy and sometimes it eats your axles. TnT is out of Greenville for the most part - info- tnt4wd.org
  • Trail 9 9 - Hunters Uh-Oh:  We named this after Hunter on a day when he was rolling along the park looking for the work site we were on. He came upon this newly finished unmarked hill climb from the wrong way and, well, all he could say was uh oohh! Ride up the hill, not down. This is also the site of our first roll over (backwards -- Cameron Kerby’s TJ) This is by far one of our toughest hill-climbs
  • Trail 11 11 - Twisted Intentions: This is the Twisted Intentions 4x4 Club Trail which is our longest hill climb - Lockers and 32’s at least on the Right and no weenies on the Left only hot dogs because it is a smash and tumble large rock face which intends to twist you up. This club is mostly out of the Greenville area check their web site at  twistedintentions.com
  • Trail 8 18 - Palmetto Crossing: The Palmetto Krawlers 4x4 club developed this rock garden. Good chance of body damage at the first entrance as a large jagged rock is hungry for quarter panels. But then the Krawlers know no pain. Second entrance is just as insane but compared to the first …well you’ll see.  
  • Trail 21A 21A - Rocker Knocker:  Just a nasty entrance to the Palmetto Crossing  (Trail 18)
  • Trail 22 22 - Side Winder: Just when you thought it couldn’t get any tougher!!  This nightmare was created by Cam and David, two Presbyterian College students. And this trail will make a believer out of you.
  • Trail 27 27 - Muntiny Ridge:  If you don’t do the ship in Shipwreck then you Mutiny to the ridge

Skull and Bones (Enter at your own risk)

  • 3D

    Trail 3D You won’t need 3D glasses while you roll down this one.  Very similar to Trail 4
  • Testosteroad

    Trail 4 The longer you look at it the tougher it seems. Most Difficult hill climb! Lockers winch and lots of horse power. Climb it …or Don’t Climb it. You make the call. Most difficult hill climb!  MUST HAVE FULL ROLL CAGE!!!
  • Heartbreaker

    Trail 24 Created by the Renegade 4x4 Club.  This is much like Renegade Alley but maybe a tad more difficult going down way more difficult going up.  This is a long trail. YOU NEED A WINCH, GOOD TIRES AND AT LEAST ONE LOCKER. Top third can be very tricky
  • Papa Gulch

    Trail 31 the toughest gulch trail in the park. Windshields need not apply
  • Shipwreck: 

    Shipwreck The Legend    Way back a long time ago during the flood of 02 this area was hit extremely hard.  The flood waters rose to a record high. Folks had to abandon their homes and grab anything that floated. The lucky ones had boats and they tried to rescue all they could. When all of a sudden a whirlpool began and started sucking down every thing in its area. Many over loaded boats were sent to a watery grave never to be seen again. It is said that a sink whole opened up and created the whirlpool. Today all that is left is the rocky top of the sink hole two shipwrecks and Yellow Jacket Lake. Quite possibly the final resting place of many a lost soul.

    The Trail      If you are brave enough, fool enough or both, walk this one before you enter. It is very off camber at first then straight down (as in free fall for twenty feet) with a sharp right. To the right you see the granite wall, all that is left off the sink hole. Still wet to this very day, it just hopes to ruin someone’s afternoon, as it tries to keep your 4x4 in the bottom of the pit. A pit that is loaded with rocks the size of Volkswagons. Here, there is no return. It is up that rock or there you stay.

    What you need is a solid ride.  Heavy duty axles, both locked, with plenty of clearance and horsepower is just the start. Because it will be skill and a good spotter to get you up these rocks.  Oh ya, a good winch is advisable. The tow fee out of there will be well over $100.00

  • Death Valley & Radical Ravine

    Death Valley Radical Ravine

    Death Valley brought to you by the Gulch Gremlins of the Clemson Off Road Club

    Radical Ravine was created by the fearless members of the Renegade 4x4 Club

    The Trail:    This trail begins with an extremely steep descent, almost a free fall, for 120 feet or so.  (the only quad black in the park) Though they cannot be seen, each side of the hill has deep drop offs.  Once you are one quarter of the way down you have a ledge to drop off, if you haven’t felt like you were going to roll over, this will.  If you think it’s over at the bottom you are DEAD WRONG. You have just arrived at the entrance.

    Now you enter the DEATH VALLEY CANYON. This is where you need all of your skill and your entire vehicle to work perfectly.   You need to hop up on a canyon ledge lift your vehicle up in the air and twist through the canyon up to the top.  Now at this point you can take the “Easy Way Out” to the left or enter Radical Ravine. This has been lovingly referred to as the “butt” of Death Valley but the way it is chewing up vehicles I would refer to it as the mouth.

  • Eric's Cup-Cake


    The Trail:    You enter the trail and immediately descend into the bowels of some of our deepest narrowest gulches on the property. Here also lies the deepest orange muck on the property.  This is the Cupcake Batter. Here only the big and bold survive.  After the mud has eaten, an off camber couple of walls do.  Then it’s an easy left and you are out, hopefully close to how you entered

      What You Need: What you need is to choose something else to travel on!!!